Monday, 7 January 2013

Remember me?

Blog fans! I'm back. Wait, let me start that again.

Blog fan! I'm back.

Not that this is an actual proper blog post. More just a brief 'hello' before I post a proper entry in the next few days.

I've got one brewing in the back of my mind, but as yet, it hasn't funnelled through to my fingers. But I didn't want to start it with a 'hi!, I've not seen you for ages' and then ramble on and on for a few paragraphs before getting to the main point.

Don't for one minute think I'm going to get all concise and punchy though - I can't help but witter on in a verbose way, meandering through various tangents whilst trying to make my point.

I just thought it'd make sense to reintroduce myself and remind you that I've not died or anything (unless I actually have and this is being channeled through someone who looks ever so much like I did when I was alive - so much so that they've been taken in by my family and been fed and given Christmas presents and everything).

As with most of the creative pastimes I pursue, blogging was a real craze of mine for a couple or three months where I posted every day or two. But then, as the darker evenings came in and my natural instincts turned towards hibernation, I fell off a bit of a creative cliff and suddenly stopped writing. I went blog cold turkey.

It's not that I couldn't think of what to write - my mind is usually abuzz with all manner of crazy clutter I'm only too happy to share (isn't that right Twitter buddies?). It's more that sitting down and actually writing the thing seemed akin to climbing Mount Everest (or at least quite a long, steep staircase that there's nothing much at the top of and my knees are playing up).

My creative energy and motivation does dry up from time to time and this was one of those times. Things that I enjoy so much usually - writing, painting, photography etc - become chores that I cannot face. I can understand why some artists turn to drink, drugs or sex at times like these. I just slept a lot and played with myself occasionally.

Anyway. Keep yours eyes open for a new post in the coming days. Unless of course, this is merely a blip and you don't hear from me again for a few months. Who can say? But at least I get a chance to wish you all a happy new year!


  1. Hi Toby, another funny blog! Can I please ask how you got the "pages" and "followers" sections on your blog? Thanks. Dan

  2. welcome back! x